• 10 best gaming laptops for Fortnite

    Most laptops are happy with Full HD quality at 1080p because there is no real need for higher definition on a diagonal of 17.3 inches or less. The difference would be hardly noticeable for a higher price and performance that would necessarily take a hit. There are laptops with 1440p or 4K screens, but these are more for professionals.

    On the other hand, the refresh rate is important. A 120 Hz or 144 Hz screen is much smoother and turns the experience upside down, whether in office automation, navigation or in games for that matter. There are even premium laptops with a 240 Hz panel, which is amazing for the eyes.

    For technologies, OLED and QLED are still very little represented on laptops. The choice will often be made between TN, IPS and VA. We advise you to avoid TN because the colorimetry is average. IPS offers the best viewing angles, while the VA will have a slight advantage over contrast.

    What connection is essential?

    To connect your accessories, have at least three USB-A ports. A USB-C socket is a plus, this standard tending to impose itself and offering very fast transfer rates. If you are going to connect the computer to an external display (monitor, TV), you will need an HDMI port. HDMI 2.0 is sufficient in most cases, but be aware that only HDMI 2.1 can deliver a 4K stream at 120 frames. A DisplayPort 1.4 may also be appreciable depending on your equipment. All laptops have an RJ45 Ethernet port, to be preferred if possible for a better internet connection. When it comes to wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 will become indispensable in the coming years.

    Storage: how much, HDD or SSD?

    Take into account that video games weigh more and more when choosing the amount of storage. 256 GB is a minimum, but you will quickly be restricted, especially since Windows is not light either. 512 GB is a good base, 1 TB lets see it coming. It is often possible to add a hard drive in addition to the one already present in the laptop PC to expand the available space.

    We recommend that you opt for SSD technology, which is much faster. It allows you to transfer files very quickly, open applications and games in seconds, and drastically reduce loading times.

    Our selection of gaming accessories

    For a complete gaming experience, you also need to equip yourself with accessories. Whether for audio or controls, quality peripherals will transcend your gaming sessions.

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