• AWS Now Offers Third Generation AMD EPYC Processors in EC2 M6a Instances

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) announces the availability of its Amazon EC2 M6a instances with third generation AMD EPYC processors. According to the company, they offer "performance up to 35% better than M5 instances . " M6a instances are offered in three regions (AWS US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland)) in 10 sizes.

    In its press release, AMD writes that “M6a instances offer up to 35% more value for money than previous M5a instances and 10% less cost than comparable EC2 x86 instances” . The company says Amazon EC2 M6a instances are the first EC2 instances to feature third generation AMD EPYC processors . She adds that these instances are also:

    "SAP certified and ideal for workloads such as web and application servers, back-end servers, multiplayer game servers, caching, application development environments and back-end servers supporting supports business applications.

    Available in ten sizes, with two more instance sizes than the M5a (32xlarge and 48xlarge). The 48xlarge size has up to 192 vCPUs and 768 GB of memory, which is double the size of the larger M5a instance.

    Built on the AWS Nitro system, which combines dedicated hardware and a lightweight hypervisor, to deliver nearly all of the host's compute and memory resources to instances. "

    AMD and AWS Representatives Statements

    Lynn Comp, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Business, AMD said, “Our third generation AMD EPYC processors provide Amazon EC2 users with excellent flexibility and an impressive price / performance ratio, compared to previous generation Amazon instances. EC2 M5a. This announcement shows strong collaboration and underlines our overall momentum in Cloud infrastructure. Our work with AWS demonstrates our commitment to providing end users with the innovation and performance needed for their cloud environments and workloads. "

    David Brown, Vice President, Amazon EC2, AWS: “Amazon EC2 M6a instances, powered by third generation AMD EPYC processors, are designed to provide consumers with a balance of compute, memory, storage and network capacity while providing a up to 35% better price / performance ratio than previous generation M5a instances. Our continued collaboration with AMD enables AWS to meet consumer demand by providing flexibility, scalability, and attractive performance as well as price / performance for general-purpose workloads."

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